Monday, 14 November 2016

Precious Roll-fu

Ordering a roll in Greggs was asked was it just a round one or a baguette. Wanted to say "the one that's a roll, rather than the one that isn't ". But I didn't. Is such word usage a thing now, or was she just trying to get another quid out me? What would her motivation be for such behaviour? Do Greggs have a luxury resort where winners of Baguette Pusher Of The Week take their rest? Or is it something more sinister? "If you sell more baguettes this week we'll let you see the kid?" I guess we'll never know.
I don't want to take freeze rolls in aspic. I just want to keep on top of what they are.
Take care of each other.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Two Facts About Everything Counts By Depeche Mode

1. The line 'the grabbing hands grab what they can' is unfair. What else does he expect grabbing hands to do? Hang on a minute, you might say. That might be his point. He might be making the statement in a spirit of 'that's just how things are, it's not fair to judge the grabbing hands, what else are they going to do?', rather than a less sophisticated spirit of 'boo, greed'. Well, I did consider that. I'm not someone who does a half-arsed job, on this occasion. But when I considered what level of sophistication I was looking at, I had to bear in mind the mention of 'a career in Korea being insincere'. This, of course, reminds us of the second fact.

2. Alanis Morrissette is the manifestation in this universe of a mysterious entity which operates in different forms in different times, places and realities. In one parallel universe fairly near here she operates as a superhero called The Ironicization0r, and performs deeds of transuniversal ironicization. More specifically, she facilitates things which would be ironic in this universe, but which aren't in that one. She has a red costume. The Ironicization0r would seem somewhat quirky as superheroes go in this universe but not so much in that one. Anyway, I bring this up because in that universe she has engineered things so that Martin Gore was never in a band but has a career in Korea being insincere.